Bundle of the Week

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Get a jump on your Valentines Day gifts and make one of our Sweetheart Pouches for your sweetheart.


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Sweetheart Pouch Tutorial


Need a quick and sweet gift for your valentine? Look no further, the Sweetheart Pouch is just perfect. It comes together super quick and is a great project for practicing your curves and zipper installation.



Lets get started!

Heres what you’ll need:


1/4 yard main fabric
1/4 yard lining fabric
7″inch zipper (longer works too)
glass head pins
coordinating thread
fabric and paper scissors
thread snips
pencil and paper for making your pattern

First we need to make the heart pattern.

Start by folding your piece of paper along the diagonal of one corner. Since the paper already has a great right angle, we’re going to use it!


Measure and mark 6″ up along the open edge and folded edge.

Create a soft curve to connect the points. Small dash lines are the easiest way to get a fluid curve.


Cut along the curve line while folded to create your heart template.


Using the template, cut out two of your main fabric and two of your lining fabric.


Let’s get sewing!

Place one lining piece of fabric RIGHT SIDE UP (psst.. if you’re using a solid there is no right or wrong side). Align your zipper along one straight edge with the teeth facing up.


Place one piece of your main fabric RIGHT SIDE DOWN, aligning your heart shape.


Note that my zipper pull and stopper are sticking out from the fabric, this will keep them out of the way of our seams.

Pin through all three layers (lining fabric, zipper tape, main fabric) with your pins parallel to the edge and the point of the pin pointing toward the top of the heart. You want your pins pretty much on top of each other. This will keep anything from shifting as you sew.



Using your zipper foot, stitch down the pinned edge, keeping the teeth of the zipper next to the left edge of the presser foot, making sure to backstitch at both ends.


 IMG_3384Keep your presser foot snuggled up close to the teeth!


Trim your threads and press both fabrics away from the zipper.


Next, we’re going to repeat the previous steps to sew the other half of the bag.

Place your second lining piece RIGHT SIDE UP, align the unsewn edge of your zipper to the edge and place your second main piece RIGHT SIDE DOWN.



Your layers should be aligned along the straight edge and the first side sewn should be sticking out about 1/2″ along the curved edge from the new layers you’ve added in.

Pin and sew in the same way as the previous side, don’t forget your backstitching!

Trim your threads and press away from the zipper.


Our next step is SUPER important! Unzip your zipper about 3/4 of the way down. You don’t want it fully unzipped (your pull will be in your way) and you really don’t want it fully zipped (your bag will be stuck inside out!).


Once unzipped, place your main fabric RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER and lining fabric RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER.


On either side of the zipper, stack the tape with the teeth pointing toward your main fabric and pin.


Next, pin around all edges with the ball of the pin sticking off the edge (this will make them easy to see and pull out before you sew over them).


Before we start sewing, we need to add a few helpful marks along the bag.

Along the straight edge of your lining, mark about 1″ from the zipper and the curve. This is the section you will NOT sew.


Next, mark 3/8″ down on each heart point. This will be your pivoting point.
To pivot, insert your needle into the fabric at the marked point. Lift your presser foot and rotate the fabric to sew the next direction.  Remember, lower your presser foot before you begin sewing again.


Time to sew, yay!

Sew around your bag using a 3/8″ seam allowance (10mm line), starting at one of your opening marks and ending at the other. Be sure to backstitch at your start and finish.


Trim your threads and the ends of the zipper tape (keep them flush with your fabric).


Clip your curves! Snip into your fabric along the curved edges, being careful not to hit your stitch line. This will give your heart the ease to lay flat when you turn right side out.

Flip your pouch right side out. Run your finger or a point turner along the curved edges to poke everything out, then press.


Turn the unsewn edges in towards the wrong side of the bag, and press. Your previous seam lines will encourage the edges to turn under, yay!


Align your needle as far to the right as it will go. Using the edge of your presser foot, stitch your open edge shut, making sure to backstitch on both ends.

Then, trim your threads, stuff the lining inside the bag, and…. you’re done!!!


Fill it with sweets and gift it to your sweetie!


I’ve made several of these now and there are so many fun embellishments you can add! Think of adding some embroidery, piping or trims to your next one. I love the way the Essex and Mingles combination turned out. Happy Sewing! xo Liz