Don’t Get Pinched

Get your green on before St. Patrick’s Day!

Here’s some inspiration and links:



green fabric

Free floor cushion pattern here!


Free quilt pattern HERE


Lilly Dress Pattern by Green Bee Designs:



Green thread!



Have fun and Erin Go Bragh!

Bundle of the Week

This week we have one of our custom Kona bundles on sale. Pinky Swear has all the best, sweet pinks!


Get a jump on your Valentines Day gifts and make one of our Sweetheart Pouches for your sweetheart.


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Bundle of the Week

This week we have a beautiful bundle from Jennifer Sampou for Robert Kaufman on sale. Shimmer 2 has just the right amount of sparkle!


And check out the awesome FREE PATTERN designed by Janice at Better off Thread


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Bundle of the Week

This week we have a super cute basics bundle from Ann Kelle on sale as our Bundle of the Week. These Remix Plus Signs are a great stash builder and go with pretty much everything!


I think these would make a super cool Crimson and Clover Travel Case mixed with some of Robert Kaufman’s Modern Canvas. Perfect for last-minute summer vacations!


Get this bundle for only $12.50 until August 17th

Summer Dresses!


This summer I made three dresses that I am actually wearing all the time.

The first is the Traveler Dress by Lisette.
Sadly, this pattern has been discontinued, but you may be able to find some online somewhere.
If not, the Frances Dress from Green Bee designs is similar.
I used Robert Kaufman faux patchwork chambray  for mine.


The second is the Chambray Dress from Handmade Style by Anna Graham.  This was so fast and easy to put together!  I highly recommend this pattern.  I used Robert Kaufman’s Chambray Dobbies in Squares.  It drapes so nicely and has a little bit of sheen to it.  I think this dress can be dressy or casual, depending on how you style it.  It would work for fall as well if you just throw on some boots, a pretty scarf and a cardi.


Next up is The Amelia Dress by Green Bee Designs.  This dress is cut completely on the bias.  The fabric I chose is Anna Maria Horner’s Loominous Seedlings.  The fabric is gorgeous and soft and wonderful.  However, it frays and was very hard to work with on the bias.  I almost quit several times trying to match up the stripes, too!    I also put in an invisible zipper which for some reason pooched out in the back so much I looked like I had a hump!  I realized I didn’t need the zipper to get in and out of the dress so I took it out and now it’s fine.  All that said,  I love the way it came out, but it was rough going.  PHEW!


What are you making this summer?
Have you found any dress patterns that you totally love and wear all the time?
Share some links if you’ve got them. I’m always on the hunt for more!

Bundle of the Week

This week we have Manchester from Robert Kaufman as our special 20% off bundle. This line of yarn dyed solids is so soft and dreamy. It’s the perfect stash building bundle!


I think these would make an AWESOME Molehills Quilt from Latifah Saafir


Get this bundle on SALE until June 9th

Raw and Refined

I’m just a teeeny tiny bit obsessed with this new line of fabric from Robert Kaufman. Raw and Refined is a new line of neutrals that are a blend of textures and substrates.  From cotton to rayon to linen and silk! Some have small stripes woven in. Some are very light weight and drapey. Others are heavier weight and really slubby! My favorite is probably the 100% cotton that has a crepe texture. It’s so dreamy!!!


In my dreams I’d stash yards and yards of all them to have on hand but in reality I started small with a few 1/4 yard cuts to play with. I whipped up this disappearing 9 patch of sorts with another textured woven for a pop of color. I LOVE how it turned out! I’m really torn on how to quilt it though. I want to incorporate machine quilting and hand quilting to add to the texture of the quilt… but that’s all I’ve got! Should I keep with the grid? Create movement with concentric circles? I’m stumped!


How would you quilt this quilt? I’d love your input and opinions!


xo Liz

PS: Raw and Refined is our Bundle of the Week… get an awesome fat quarter stack for only $28 until Tuesday! I swear you’ll love it as much as I do!

Bundle of the Week

This week we have a really interesting stash builder on special as our bundle of the week. Raw and Refined from Robert Kaufman is neutral but full of texture and interest! In varying weights and textures these are great for adding a little something special to your next quilt project.


Get this bundle for 20% off for one week only!

Sale ends Tuesday May 5th.

Shrink Test


To pre-wash or not to pre-wash? That is totes the question today! Do you do it?? Personally, I so rarely pre-wash, especially if I’m making a quilt (shhh, don’t tell, sometimes even with a garment). Pre-washing adds in a lot of steps to a project and if I am feeling inspired to make something I want to do it NOW. I know some people always pre-wash, it’s like second nature to them. As soon as their fabric comes home it goes straight into the wash. This got me curious about how much I’m really risking in my act of defiance/laziness. How much is my fabric really going to shrink? So I took a swatch from each of the fabric manufactures we carry at the shop and gave ’em a whirl in the washer. The results were kind of shocking and not all results were the same.

I started with a 6 1/2 inch square of fabric and I did my best to keep everything on grain. All of the fabrics chosen are woven, quilting weight, cotton. They all went into my washing machine on cold and tumble dried low. I used a gentle detergent because, well, my skin is sensitive like that.  After the wash and dry I pressed each square very lightly just to get them flat again but not overly pressing out of shape. I’m super happy to report none of the swatches had any noticeable fading! I threw a color catcher in, just in case, since I had quite an assortment of colors, and it came out perfectly clean. Yay, no bleeding! The results of shrinking and fraying were all over the map though. There are some clear winners amongst the group!


Fabric Used: AGF – Pure Elements – Empire Yellow
Grainline (Warp) Shrink: 1/8 inch
Crossgrain (Weft) Shrink: 1/8 inch
Fray Amount: Very minimal



Fabric Used: Andover – Alison Glass – Sun Print Text – Ocean
Grainline (Warp) Shrink: 1/4 inch
Crossgrain (Weft) Shrink: 1/4 inch
Fray Amount: Very minimal



Fabric Used: Birch Organics – Charley Harper – Nurture – Koala 
Grainline (Warp) Shrink: 1/8 inch
Crossgrain (Weft) Shrink: less than 1/8 inch 
Fray Amount: Small amount but enough to have to trim


cloud 9

Fabric Used: Cloud 9 Organics – Rae Hoekstra – Lotus Pond – Diamonds Are Forever – Green 
Grainline (Warp) Shrink: 1/8 inch
Crossgrain (Weft) Shrink: 3/8 inch
Fray Amount: Very minimal


dear stella

Fabric Used: Dear Stella – Nutmeg – Rakes – Cream 
Grainline (Warp) Shrink: 1/4 inch
Crossgrain (Weft) Shrink: 1/4 inch
Fray Amount: Lots of fraying along the crossgrain



Fabric Used: Westminster/Free Spirit – Anna Maria Horner – Honor Roll – Overachiever – Burgundy 
Grainline (Warp) Shrink: 1/2 inch
Crossgrain (Weft) Shrink: 3/8= – 1/2 inch
Fray Amount: Tons along the crossgrain. About 1/2 more needs to be trimmed to get rid of all the fraying



Fabric Used: Michael Miller – Cotton Couture Solids – Turf
Grainline (Warp) Shrink: none
Crossgrain (Weft) Shrink: 1/4 inch
Fray Amount: Very minimal



Fabric Used: Moda – Sweetwater – Feed Company – Vanilla Navy
Grainline (Warp) Shrink: 3/8 inch
Crossgrain (Weft) Shrink: 1/2 inch
Fray Amount: Minimal along grainline but lots along crossgrain



Fabric Used: Robert Kaufman – Kona Cotton – Honeysuckle 
Grainline (Warp) Shrink: not even 1/8 inch
Crossgrain (Weft) Shrink: 1/4 inch
Fray Amount: Almost none



Fabric Used: Timeless Treasures – Adult Novelty – Wolf – Mustard
Grainline (Warp) Shrink: 1/4 inch
Crossgrain (Weft) Shrink: 1/2 inch
Fray Amount: Very minimal but shrank kind of wonky and uneven



Fabric Used: Windham Fabrics – Heather Ross – Far Far Away – Unicorns – Green 
Grainline (Warp) Shrink: 1/8 inch
Crossgrain (Weft) Shrink: 1/2 inch
Fray Amount: No fraying along the grainline only the crossgrain



Fabric Used: Cotton & Steel – Rashida Coleman-Hale – Mochi – Moon Bunnies – Navy
Grainline (Warp) Shrink: 3/8 inch
Crossgrain (Weft) Shrink: 1/4 inch
Fray Amount: Small bit of fraying 



Fabric Used: Alexander Henry – Heath – Eggplant
Grainline (Warp) Shrink: 1/4 inch
Crossgrain (Weft) Shrink: 3/8 inch
Fray Amount: Very minimal


Although I’ve never had an issue with a quilt shrinking unevenly after it’s all made up, this little test may have converted me into being a pre-washer! What about you? Do you pre-wash? Has this post changed your mind one way or the other? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Mad for Plaid!

Here is the second make from my selfish sewing list. Living in Los Angeles most of my life, I’ve completely lost the ability to get dressed (in something cute) when it drops below 70 degrees. So I’ve been trying to add colder weather options into my wardrobe. This Lisette top was the perfect addition into my closet!


 Pattern: Lisette – Continental Blouse
Size: 10
Fabric: Robert Kaufman – House of Wales Plaid in Blue


First, I just have to say, this fabric is dreamy! It’s 100% cotton but feels almost like rayon. It’s soft, drapey, and lightweight. It was a great fabric match for this pattern. Even though the top is long-sleeved it is still breathable. I love that this blouse isn’t too fitted or too boxy… it’s just right! The front has bust darts, which help keep the shape, but there’s a secret party in the back with gathers under the yoke. I cut the yoke on the bias just to add a little interest and break up the pattern. I matched up the stripes/plaid pretty good for the most part.. but I also decided finished was better than perfect and didn’t make myself too crazy trying to get it exact. I finished all my seams on my serger and the neckline has a bias finish (which I love). This was a great, quick make! From cutting to finish it only took a few hours.

IMG_4404It falls at just the right length!

IMG_4429Side seam pattern matching game on point

IMG_4430Gathered center back

IMG_4334Yoke detail

IMG_3760And here it is in action! Riding the giant sewing machine at Quiltcon!