Bundle of the Week

We’ve got a super sweet bundle on sale this week. Tiger Lily by talented illustrator Heather Ross is exploding with cuteness! The cats! The flowers! The ballerinas! Too cute to be true!


We think this bundle would make a great XOXO Quilt from Green Bee


Get this bundle for 20% off until January 11th

My Family’s HR Portrait

Hi everyone!  The last couple of years I have been too busy to get holiday cards together.
On top of that, with 6 people in our family, it’s almost impossible to get photos of all of us together.
So when I saw that fabric designer/illustrator Heather Ross was doing a few commissions
this year for family portraits/holiday cards,
I jumped on it! I sent her photos of all of us, including ALL of our pets.

If there is common theme among all of us, it is music.
My husband and I met in a band and all of my kids play instruments or sing.
With that knowledge, this is what Heather made for us:

HR holiday portrait 2013This is more perfect than Heather could have known.  The looks on our dogs faces are spot on!
Gracie rolling her eyes at Teddy who is annoying her is a daily occurrence in our house.
My husband actually does do this thing with his tongue when he plays drums
and little guy dances pretty much just like that!
I highly recommend getting this done if you get a chance.
I thought the price was very reasonable too.

Thanks so much, Heather!


Scenes From Quilt Market, Part 1

I'm too exhausted to write much (we had a blast!) but here are a few pics.

samples made by Seven Islands in Heather Ross' new line- I ordered the whole thing!




More from Seven Islands…Echino, etc.