This week we have a sweet bundle on sale, Essentials II by Pat Bravo of AGF. This bundle is full of great stash building fabrics. I especially love the stripes and dots!


Check out this free quilt pattern that goes with the collection!


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Bundle of the Week

We’ve got a big ol’ bundle on sale this week! Check out our ultimate stash builder, 48 fat quarter Oval Element bundle from Art Gallery Fabrics. There are 24 beautiful colors and 2 fat quarters of each print. These blenders are the perfect addition to any project. They’re great for stashing or sharing!


While these do work great with other fabrics, I think they would make a spectacular rainbow Molehills quilt.


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Bundle of the Week

This week we have Imprint the beautiful new line from Katarina Roccella for AGF on our special sale.


Check out the cool FREE pattern that comes with line.


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Bundle of the Week

This week we have the new line Curiosities from AGF designer Jeni Baker on sale. This line is inspired by wildflowers and garden curiosities with a lovely vintage color palate.


We love the FREE quilt pattern Abundance that comes with the line too!


Get this bundle for only $15 (that’s only $2.50 a fat quarter!!) until July 13th.

Shrink Test


To pre-wash or not to pre-wash? That is totes the question today! Do you do it?? Personally, I so rarely pre-wash, especially if I’m making a quilt (shhh, don’t tell, sometimes even with a garment). Pre-washing adds in a lot of steps to a project and if I am feeling inspired to make something I want to do it NOW. I know some people always pre-wash, it’s like second nature to them. As soon as their fabric comes home it goes straight into the wash. This got me curious about how much I’m really risking in my act of defiance/laziness. How much is my fabric really going to shrink? So I took a swatch from each of the fabric manufactures we carry at the shop and gave ’em a whirl in the washer. The results were kind of shocking and not all results were the same.

I started with a 6 1/2 inch square of fabric and I did my best to keep everything on grain. All of the fabrics chosen are woven, quilting weight, cotton. They all went into my washing machine on cold and tumble dried low. I used a gentle detergent because, well, my skin is sensitive like that.  After the wash and dry I pressed each square very lightly just to get them flat again but not overly pressing out of shape. I’m super happy to report none of the swatches had any noticeable fading! I threw a color catcher in, just in case, since I had quite an assortment of colors, and it came out perfectly clean. Yay, no bleeding! The results of shrinking and fraying were all over the map though. There are some clear winners amongst the group!


Fabric Used: AGF – Pure Elements – Empire Yellow
Grainline (Warp) Shrink: 1/8 inch
Crossgrain (Weft) Shrink: 1/8 inch
Fray Amount: Very minimal



Fabric Used: Andover – Alison Glass – Sun Print Text – Ocean
Grainline (Warp) Shrink: 1/4 inch
Crossgrain (Weft) Shrink: 1/4 inch
Fray Amount: Very minimal



Fabric Used: Birch Organics – Charley Harper – Nurture – Koala 
Grainline (Warp) Shrink: 1/8 inch
Crossgrain (Weft) Shrink: less than 1/8 inch 
Fray Amount: Small amount but enough to have to trim


cloud 9

Fabric Used: Cloud 9 Organics – Rae Hoekstra – Lotus Pond – Diamonds Are Forever – Green 
Grainline (Warp) Shrink: 1/8 inch
Crossgrain (Weft) Shrink: 3/8 inch
Fray Amount: Very minimal


dear stella

Fabric Used: Dear Stella – Nutmeg – Rakes – Cream 
Grainline (Warp) Shrink: 1/4 inch
Crossgrain (Weft) Shrink: 1/4 inch
Fray Amount: Lots of fraying along the crossgrain



Fabric Used: Westminster/Free Spirit – Anna Maria Horner – Honor Roll – Overachiever – Burgundy 
Grainline (Warp) Shrink: 1/2 inch
Crossgrain (Weft) Shrink: 3/8= – 1/2 inch
Fray Amount: Tons along the crossgrain. About 1/2 more needs to be trimmed to get rid of all the fraying



Fabric Used: Michael Miller – Cotton Couture Solids – Turf
Grainline (Warp) Shrink: none
Crossgrain (Weft) Shrink: 1/4 inch
Fray Amount: Very minimal



Fabric Used: Moda – Sweetwater – Feed Company – Vanilla Navy
Grainline (Warp) Shrink: 3/8 inch
Crossgrain (Weft) Shrink: 1/2 inch
Fray Amount: Minimal along grainline but lots along crossgrain



Fabric Used: Robert Kaufman – Kona Cotton – Honeysuckle 
Grainline (Warp) Shrink: not even 1/8 inch
Crossgrain (Weft) Shrink: 1/4 inch
Fray Amount: Almost none



Fabric Used: Timeless Treasures – Adult Novelty – Wolf – Mustard
Grainline (Warp) Shrink: 1/4 inch
Crossgrain (Weft) Shrink: 1/2 inch
Fray Amount: Very minimal but shrank kind of wonky and uneven



Fabric Used: Windham Fabrics – Heather Ross – Far Far Away – Unicorns – Green 
Grainline (Warp) Shrink: 1/8 inch
Crossgrain (Weft) Shrink: 1/2 inch
Fray Amount: No fraying along the grainline only the crossgrain



Fabric Used: Cotton & Steel – Rashida Coleman-Hale – Mochi – Moon Bunnies – Navy
Grainline (Warp) Shrink: 3/8 inch
Crossgrain (Weft) Shrink: 1/4 inch
Fray Amount: Small bit of fraying 



Fabric Used: Alexander Henry – Heath – Eggplant
Grainline (Warp) Shrink: 1/4 inch
Crossgrain (Weft) Shrink: 3/8 inch
Fray Amount: Very minimal


Although I’ve never had an issue with a quilt shrinking unevenly after it’s all made up, this little test may have converted me into being a pre-washer! What about you? Do you pre-wash? Has this post changed your mind one way or the other? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

SPRING CLEANING SALE and some Fun Links!

Woo hoo!  It’s spring and we are cleaning out, making room, and bringing in the new.
Our Spring Cleaning sale is on now through April 4th with 20% off all fabric yardage including SALE items!
Stash away, spring chickens!

Online use code CLEAN20.

Here are some fun links from around the web:

I don’t know how she does it, but the Refashionista always blows my mind!


6 Weeks of Love for Softies on Sew Mama Sew.


Pretty table runner tutorial using Maker fabrics.


New favorite non-fabric IG account: @hotdudeswithdogs

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 4.00.08 PM

I think I need these quilted kicks:


Hope you’re having a wonderful week!

Geometric Bliss Giveaway

Today were giving away an adorable bundle of Geometric Bliss by Jeni Baker for Art Gallery Fabrics 


and the winner is….

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 11.50.49 AM

Pam Truesdell
Thanks everyone for entering!
Snag your own bundle (or yardage) of Geometric Bliss here

Make or Buy?


Sometimes you want to make it, and sometimes you just want to buy it.
Here we give you some fun suggestions for both!


What a cute vintage dress! Buy it here, or make a similar one with this and this.



Awesome wallet!  Buy it here or make one like it with this and this.


Adorbs little girls blouse!  Buy it here, or make a similar one with this and this!


A vintage trench coat for a little boy?  LOVE!  Get it  here or make one with this and this.


 Cute and practical.  Buy or make with this and this.


Comfy wrap dresses are back!  Make one with this and this or buy it here.


Happy making and shopping!

Legacy Giveaway

Today were giving away a bundle of Legacy, Angela Walters new line of fabric for Art Gallery

And the winner is…….
Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 2.13.37 PMAnita Yuan

Congratulations! Thanks everyone for entering!! Don’t be sad you didn’t win…. you can get your own bundle here!

A couple trips around the world…

I got bit by the Scrappy Trip Along bug a few months ago after seeing all the amazing quilts and blocks on Instagram. It’s a fun take on a traditional quilt block (A Trip Around The World) and could be a great way to use up scraps (ha! yeah right! then what would be my excuse for buying new fabric??)

For the first quilt I started, I decided to use V and Co.’s ombre solids. I wanted it to be scrappy but without getting too cray cray. So the ombre was perfect! The colors changed for each square yet all the colors worked perfectly together.


Although, after making 15 blocks it still wasn’t big enough and I was starting to get a little bored. So I decided to beef it up in a quick way! I made 4 blocks at double the size. Originally, I envisioned them creating an offset border but now I’m loving them in the center.


That made it bigger in no time! But… I still need a few more small blocks to finish it up. Also can you spot the block that went wrong? (drinking and sewing doesn’t always work out)

So while that is sitting on the back burner for a second, I decided to start a new one! We had just got the beautiful Nordika fabric in the shop from Art Gallery. The rich colors and cute prints had me hooked! I knew the small, non directional prints would work perfectly so I picked my favorites and went from there.

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 12.07.29 PM

I added in another blender from AGF and two Mirror Ball Dots from Michael Miller. Then I just needed to decide the order for the strips. I decided to do the double size blocks and I wanted to keep the same order for each of the four blocks.


Sewing them up was easy peasy. I went back and forth on making the the layout a hug or kiss (x or o) but liked the way the “hug” looked best.


I love that the stripes flip for every other block!

Then just some quick petal quilting and binding (with a little assistance from Lauren and Lisa) and BAM! this cute quilt was done in no time!



I love how it turned out! I’m almost considering making another one in the new Joel Dewberry Bungalow we just got in stock. The 4 big blocks make it the perfect size throw for the couch. (or even an oversized baby quilt for some tummy time)

We have a class starting next week to make the bigger version like my Nordika. It’s really a great block to jump into quilting with! Plus we’ll cover not just the piecing but basting, quilting and binding.