Traveling in Style – Travel Sewing Organization

With Quiltcon coming up in just about 2 weeks (OMG!) I’ve been thinking about how to organize my sewing supplies for traveling. I have a large tool box I usually use when I need ALL my sewing stuff but for this trip I need to streamline my supplies. I want to bring just the essentials so I don’t have too much to lug around. Ideally, I’ll carry it all in an adorable handmade bag. Here are a few I’m considering making:

Atkinson Designs – Bridget’s Bagetts
atkinson-designs-bridgets-bagettesThese cute little zip bags would make finding everything so easy with the clear vinyl windows

Noodlehead – Road Trip Case  
insidesewing31This hold it all has a lot of great pockets plus built-in needle/pin holder!

Atkinson Designs – Classmate
atkinson-designs-classmateThis one is similar, but slightly smaller than the Road Trip Case and with lots of great pockets!

Carolyn Friedlander – Nest Egg Tote
Nest-Egg-tote_8_Carolyn-Friedlander_webI think this one is the cutest option! It’s got nice pocket and elastic storage options, zips up and has a strap you can throw over your shoulder. Plus, I could remove my sewing supplies and use it as a small bag for going out!
(Psst… We also have a class coming up for this cutie in March)

It’s so hard to pick just one to make! I might have to make one of each and then pick the winner once they’re all sewn up. You can’t have enough bags right?!

As for the essential notions to pack with me, here is what I’ve got planned:

Olfa – Splash Rotary Cutter
51VOofj1-VL._SY355_Cute and compact!

Seam Fix – Seam Ripper

The best seam ripper ever!

Easy Kut – Spring Action Scissor
easy-kut-snips-with-foam-gripsI LOVE these! They make snippin’ threads a breeze.

Tulip – Straight Pins and Tulip – Hand Sewing Needles

Compact, adorbs packaging and amazing quality!

Aurifil Cotton Mako Thread
aurifil-cotton-mako-thread-50wt-256px-256pxA big, fat spool of the best in a neutral color

Are you going to Quiltcon? I’d love to see what everyone else is planning on packing and what you’re packing everything in.

xo Liz

Sewing Studio Organization: Thread Thoughts

I don’t know about you, but I have a really hard time keeping my sewing space organized.  For one thing, there’s just too much stuff in there…unfinished projects, scraps I can’t bear to throw away, gadgets I thought I needed.  So the first step for me is going to be cleaning out.  Then I plan to find a place for everything I NEED to keep.

I think I’ll start easy, though, with thread.  While I do have most of it on a wall organizer,  it’s not enough to hold everything and there’s a lot of old thread on there that is probably all dried out at this point.  I need to throw those away along with the spools with very little thread left on them.  Or save them for some other crafty project??? NO!!! That’s how it got so cluttered to begin with!

Here are some inspiring thread storage ideas I found on Pinterest:

I love this shelf with a simple nail under each spool to hold the corresponding bobbin!  So smart.




This design could work perfectly on the built-in shelves I have and with the long spool pins you can put your bobbin on top (see bottom shelf!):



Spice drawer organizer?  Clever!





I’ve seen several people using these  Ikea Alex cabinets.  I like the drawer idea to prevent dust.




It is highly likely, however, that I will order a couple of these.  I mean, Martha designed them so…



Do you have any good ideas for thread organization?  Any tips or links?  I’d appreciate your help!