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Me Made May… Round 2!

Here is our final Me Made May round up. It was fun month! This challenge has really helped me figure out the gaps in my handmade wardrobe. I’ve also been SO INSPIRED by all the makes I’ve seen! Can’t wait for next year!

unnamed-1Natalie in a One hour knit top

unnamed-3 Lookin’ adorbs in an Alice Top made in Robert Kaufman’s Rebecca Embroideries


unnamed-2VFKW Endless Summer Tunic in Alison Glass Ex Libris Chambray


unnamed-4Lauren rockin’ a Lisette Traveler Dress in Robert Kaufman Chambray

IMG_5477My favorite cold weather top: Grainline Linden Sweatshirt in Arizona Knit

IMG_5622Peasant Blouse in Valori Wells Voile

Happy Sewing!

SPRING CLEANING SALE and some Fun Links!

Woo hoo!  It’s spring and we are cleaning out, making room, and bringing in the new.
Our Spring Cleaning sale is on now through April 4th with 20% off all fabric yardage including SALE items!
Stash away, spring chickens!

Online use code CLEAN20.

Here are some fun links from around the web:

I don’t know how she does it, but the Refashionista always blows my mind!


6 Weeks of Love for Softies on Sew Mama Sew.


Pretty table runner tutorial using Maker fabrics.


New favorite non-fabric IG account: @hotdudeswithdogs

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 4.00.08 PM

I think I need these quilted kicks:


Hope you’re having a wonderful week!


I recently purchased this jumpsuit to wear to a Hollywood party with my husband.


I thought it was flattering, fun, and that I wouldn’t be dressed like anyone else.

My husband was not into it.  He said it was cute, but he liked a dress I already had better.  Such a diplomat.
I acquiesced.  I was going to be meeting his people after all, and there would be press there…blah, blah, blah.

So now I’m wondering if I should return it.  Will I wear it somewhere else before jumpsuits are back out of style?  Will I really feel comfortable wearing it, or will I be self conscious? (I did buy some Spanx to wear under it!) The fabric is pretty slinky and I am not model-thin.

By Hand London has this Holly Jumpsuit pattern.by-hand-london-patterns-holly-jumpsuit

Should I instead make this in a more forgiving fabric to satisfy my jumpsuit curiosity?   Maybe in a chambray with a belt?

Look how cute this version is, made by Lizzy at Sewbusylizzy.com!


Should I just give it up and say that as a woman of a certain age, I shouldn’t even be considering wearing a jumpsuit unless I’m in prison?orange-is-the-new-black-canceled-hoax-laura-prepon-taylor-schilling-netflix

What are your thoughts?  Have you or would you wear a jumpsuit?  Has anyone made the Holly?

Tulip Nesting Bowls Tutorial

Need a quick, fun gift you can whip up for the holidays? These nesting bowls are for you! They sew up SO QUICK and can be made in a variety of sizes for anything you need to put in them. They’re great for holding jewelry, cookies, thread, keys…. the list is endless!



Here is what you’ll need:


-1/3 yard of two fabrics (We’re using 2 prints from Valori Wells line Quill)
***non directional works best, unless you don’t mind half the bowl being upside down
-1/3 yard Fusible Fleece
-Coordinating Thread
-Rotary Cutter or Fabric Shears
-Thread Snips
-Glass Head Pins
-Clear Acrylic Ruler
-Point Turner
-Marking Tool (Frixion pens work great for this project)


Let’s start cutting!


You’ll need one piece of each fabric and fusible for each bowl.

Large Bowl:

Fabric A: 12″x12″
Fabric B: 12″x12″
Fusible Fleece: 12″x12″

Small Bowl:

Fabric A: 9″x9″
Fabric B: 9″x9″
Fusible Fleece: 9″x9″


Now lets fuse! Place the glue side (bumpy side) of the fusible to the WRONG side of one fabric. (makes no difference which fabric you choose) Press with a hot iron and lots of steam for about a minute or until fully fused. Repeat this step with your second bowl.



If your fusible stretched while fusing, trim away excess from the edges.



Start with your fused pieces right side facing up. Place it’s unfused pair right side facing down. (you should have right sides of the fabric together) Pin all 4 sides.
**Tip: keep the head of your pins sticking off the edge to make them easy to pull out while sewing



Before we start sewing we need to mark a small opening to turn these cuties right side out. We will be sewing all 4 sides EXCEPT this small bit. A 3 inch opening is perfect for this project. Mark this in the center of one side.  Then, using the edge of your foot as the guide, stitch around your squares, pivoting in the corners. Repeat for the second bowl.



Trim away the bulk from each corner



Then using the opening you left, turn each set right side out. Use your point turner to poke out all the corners. You want those corners crisp and pointy!

Using a hot iron and steam; press each piece nice and flat. Turn under the seam allowance from the opening so it is pointing to the inside and press.



Let’s topstitch! Move your needle over to the right as far as your machine will go. You will still be using the edge of the foot as your guide. Starting just before the opening (to ensure it gets closed), stitch all 4 sides, pivoting in the corners. Add a small backstitch when you overlap the first few stitches.



Now to turn your flat squares into bowls! Starting with your larger bowl, fold the bowl in half so the INSIDE fabric is facing OUT. Measure in, along the fold, 2 inches from the edge. Then using the 45 degree angle on your ruler mark a diagonal line from the 2″ mark to the edge of the bowl. ***Make sure to use a marking tool that can be removed. We are using a Frixion Pen so the marks will iron away. A water or air soluble pen would work well too.





Repeat this step on the other edge. Then unfold the bowl and fold in half in the opposite direction. Mark the same diagonal lines 2″ in from these edges. When unfolded you should have 4 diagonal lines pointing into the center of the square.



***You will repeat these steps for the smaller bowl but measuring in only 1.5 inches in from the edges.


Fold your bowl in half again and stitch along the lines that disappear into the fold. Keeping your needle in center position, stitch along the lines, making sure to backstitch on each end.



Once the two lines are stitched, unfold the bowl and refold in the opposite direction. At this step, the bowl looks a little weird, but trust me its going to be awesome!



Stitch along the new lines that disappear into the fold, making sure to back stitch on each end.



Trim your threads and remove your marked lines.

Repeat steps for smaller bowl.




Flip your bowl right side out and press if needed.




Yay, you’re done!! Fill em’ with goodies or gift as is!


Small Business Saturday


We’re so excited to be apart of Small Business Saturday again this year! We love the appreciation American Express has for small businesses like us. Shop with us on Saturday, November 29th, using your American Express card and you’ll get $10 back.

It’s easy peasy! All you have to do is register your American Express card, then spend $10 or more at our little shop on Saturday, and BAM! You get $10 back from American Express! Yay, free fabric money!!!

Hope to see you all Saturday!

Gifts We Love, Part 1

The winter holidays are officially upon us, so it’s time to set aside those WIPs and start sewing some holiday gifts! But what to get those special people in your life that have sewn it all themselves? Your quilt guild friends? Your mom? Your sister? Or maybe your significant other is flummoxed by what to get YOU for the holidays (It happens to the best of us).

Well, here at Sew Modern, we’ve come up with some great gift ideas to give (and maybe receive???) this year. These are gifts we’d all love to see in our stockings so we think you’d love them too.

Our biggest gift crush right now is the Tulip Hiroshima Needle gift set. It comes with six different kinds of needles and pins for any kind of project you could come up with. Hand quilting? Embroidery? MILLINERY???? You’re completely covered.

photo 1

These are super high quality needles that have undergone 30 different production processes to make sure that they are 1) super strong 2) super sharp 3) super flexible 4) super smooth and 5) super durable.

Plus, look at the beautiful packaging! Each type of needle comes in a cute box (could they be more perfect for hanging on a tree?) and inside each box is a perfectly sized glass tube for easy and beautiful storage of your needles and pins.


We also carry single packages of the #7 sewing needles,  glass head pins and cellulose-head tulip pins in two colors! (yes! You can iron-over these beautiful pins!) Our friends over at Moda have an excellent video posted with more specs on these amazing notions:


Next on our crave list is our exclusive  Sew Modern Sippy Cup! Sewing is our way to relax, and what’s more relaxing than a glass of wine? (Nada. That’s what)

sew-modern-sippy-cupThis compact gift is guaranteed to keep your whites chilled, your reds room temp,  and your friends jealous!

Last but not least are these amazing embroidery kits from Sublime Stitching.  Sublime Stitching is our favorite purveyor of cheeky embroidery designs, and these kits are perfect gift for your embroidery addict (or soon to be embroidery addict).

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 11.19.57 AM petitekit_base_1_large_1024x1024


We also carry a selection of their individual patterns and various notions (perfect stocking stuffers!!!!) online, and in-store. The Ultimate Embroidery Kit is an in-store offer only, so feel free to call or stop by for more information.

I know those are all definitely going in my letter to the North Pole!

Stay posted or swing by the shop for more great gift ideas throughout the season.

Sewing Tattoo Roundup

Some of us at Sew Modern have sewing related tattoos and we love ’em! Do you have one or have you been thinking about it?
Here are some great ones we found around the internet.

This simple needle and thread is so elegant. It was done by an artist named Dr. Woo who works out of Shamrock Social Club here in L.A.
Check out his instagram feed.


Cross stitch! So Cute!  See more xstitch tattoos here.



This one is amazing.  Found on Pinterest.


If you’re not into the big commitment, how about one of these?
(Found on Tattoos Time.)


And if you really can’t commit, this one is temporary!  Get yours here.


Here’s mine…


And Liz has 2!



If you have one, we want to see it!  Put a link to photos in your comment!


Bundle of the Week

We started a fun new promotion at the shop a few weeks ago. Every week we will hand select a bundle of fat quarters that will be on a special sale for that one week only. Lets check out this weeks bundle:

Zen Chic – Sphere – 6 fat quarters 


This pretty pile is usually $20 but snag it this week for only $16. Don’t hold out too long, it will be back to regular price on June 3rd

Thomas Knaeur’s Modern Quilt Perspectives, the Blog Tour and Giveaway!

I am so thrilled to be on Thomas’ Blog Tour among such illustrious bloggers.
Seriously, so flattered! Thank you, Thomas!

When I opened my shop and I saw Thomas’ first fabric collection, Pear Tree,
I ordered it on the spot.
It was cute and retro, but modern and sophisticated at the same time.
Kind of like Thomas himself!  I’ve been hooked on his fabric collections ever since.

MQP3Palimpsest (Pride Quilt)

When I met Thomas in person, at some market or other, I thought, “Wow, this guy thinks a LOT.”
At times I thought maybe he was looking for meaning in things when no meaning at all was present.
I think much of modern design is based on not on thinking, but on feeling.
What do I feel when I put these colors together?  What do these combinations of shapes evoke?
The answer is often as simple as “I like it.”  “It makes me happy.”
Or even, “It goes with my living room.”
I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, but Thomas takes things further,
digs deeper and pushes buttons.
Looking at quilts through Thomas’ eyes brings connection into it. Connection  to ourselves, to our history, to our society, to each other.
I love this about him and about this book.
It’s not just a book of quilt patterns, but a book you really should READ.

I decided I wanted to try out one of the patterns so I could get an honest feel for how well they were written.
I chose to do something with the Cinderblock pattern from the Chapter 4: The Quilting Tradition.
Cinderblock is Thomas’ modern response to the traditional Log Cabin block.


 When I was looking at this gorgeous quilt in the book,
I couldn’t help thinking of another staple of modern design,
one that we all use in our homes, no matter what they are made of.
The television.

So Thomas, I hope you won’t find offense in this version of your Cinderblock:



Each block represents  a different channel/show.  Starting at the top left, there is the news, a sewing show(of course), porn, a nature channel, the old time after-hours color bars, Sci-Fi channel, the Food Network (0r maybe the Iron Chef?), static and a cartoon western.  The pattern was extremely easy to follow (and bastardize).  I hope to one day make the actual Cinder Block version as well, but this was fun for today!

Now who wants to win a copy of Modern Quilt Perspectives?
Leave a comment on this post and tell us, what is your most meaningful quilt and why?
You’ll be entered to win.
We will choose a winner by random number generator on Friday, April 4th.

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