The Bohemian Carpet Bag and a Class

I am a skeptical bag maker.  I don’t really care for the look of a lot of fabric bags, to be honest.  The ones I do like, such as big travel bags, often end up weighing 10 pounds before you even put anything in them!  All that interfacing and stuff that make it have structure can be heavy!  So I wasn’t sure about this one but when I got the metal frame and it weighed almost nothing, I decided to give it a go.



 I used Charms canvas for my outside fabric and grey moleskin for the handles and gussets.




I lined it with this medium weight cotton.




 Making it was fairly easy and it is extremely light, even with the moleskin accents.
I took  it on a flight to NY with me and it was perfect for my carry on.



We will be having a class on this awesome bag at Sew Modern!
This session is  currently sold out, but let us know if you’re interested
and we will get it on the calendar again.




  1. So where can I get the pattern? What size is the metal frame? Why does it need a metal frame?
    A really great looking bag. Looks very sophisticated and professional.

    • sewmodernla says:

      Hi Sandra. I’m so glad you like the bag. Click on the links (highlighted words) in the article to get your supplies.


  1. […] That’s What She Sewed used moleskin as the accent fabric, it’s really pretty […]

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