A Few Good Sewing Habits

With the start of a new year it’s the right time to start some good habits. These are some tips for new and old sewer alike.

Trim your threads as you go 

This is something I am constantly trying to train myself to do. I keep a small pair of snips at my machine to snip off close to the fabric rather then my usual habit of using my machine cutter. I love these snips in particular for this job. They are sharp and the blade curves up so you can get right on the fabric to trim your thread without making an accidental snip into the fabric. Plus, they squeeze like tweezers, so no time lost getting your fingers in the hole!  I’ll be honest, this is a really hard habit for me to build, my left hand auto piolets the fabric up to my machine thread cutter before my brain has time to think. But I’m working on it! And I’m always SO SO happy when my threads are all tidy, without having to put in extra snip work later.

Start and end with a Back Stitch

It’s really never a bad idea to backstitch. Sure, there are times it’s not 100% necessary but it won’t hurt to have some extra security on your seams. There’s nothing worse then having to go back and add in a back stitch on a stitch that is coming undone. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Change your sewing needle

Fun fact: your machine needle has a life of about 8 sewing hours. Using a dull needle can give you all kinds of greif, from skipping stitches to ruining your fabric. It’s also important to use the right type of needle for your fabric or project. When I switch my needle out for a new project but my old needle still has some life in it I use a piece of painters tape to stick it to the side of my machine. I write the type of needle and how many hours its been used on the tape. The painters tape won’t gum the needle and you won’t have to spend time trying to identify it later. I have plans to make this Needle Organizing Wallet (such a great idea!!!) but for now the tape works just fine.

Don’t point out your mistakes

I’m completely guilty of this! I’m sure we all are. I tend to follow up a compliment someone gives me on a project by pointing out a “flaw”. Just remember we are our harshest critics. Maybe you see that your seam is 1/8″ off from matching, or your stitch line went a little wonky but only you see that! Everyone else sees the big picture, and its beautiful!

Do you have any tips for good sewing habits??

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