The perfect bridal shower gift!

My best friend of close to 20 years recently got married. While I’m still working on their wedding gift, (I’ve got a year to finish it right???) I came up with the perfect gift for her bridal shower! I was browsing the bridal intimates at Nordstrom and found a silky white robe with THE BRIDE embroidered on the back. I liked the idea but thought I could make something a bit more personal. Plus, handmade is always better right?!


I knew I wanted to use Robert Kaufman’s Radiance for the robe. It is a silk and cotton blend that is just dreamy! So silky and soft and BONUS it’s machine washable!  I chose Peacock since blue is her favorite color and every bride needs something blue. I went with this Vogue pattern, mostly for the back belt detail. I love that the belt is attached with pleats rather then just laced trough some loops. I made version A and decided to omit the lace details since it would have its own special detailing on the back and front lapel.


I french seamed or flat felled all of the seams. The radiance can be a bit slippery (it is silk after all!) but it really does sew up beautifully. Plus, my flat felled foot helped a ton!


Once I had it all sewn up I passed it on to my good friend Lisa for some embroidery assistance with her fancy machine. I’m super lucky that I can bribe her with Diet Coke and a big smile and pretty pretty pleeeaaaaaseeee! Thanks again Lisa, love you!!!!!


I’d say the hardest part of this project was to not spill the beans! It was so pretty I wanted to give it to her right away! (and also keep it for myself, did I mention how incredibly soft it is?)

Finally the shower came and I got to give it away… here she is trying it on after opening it up.


But really the best was getting to see her wear it while getting ready for the big day! Here are some of her photographer’s pictures of her getting dolled up in her silky robe…


I’m a little biased but isn’t she the prettiest bride ever??!!!



  1. Beautiful!

  2. You inspired me to make one for my own bridal buddy! Pics here:

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