A Blankie for Grown Ups!

 The Birch Organic fleece is out of this world soft.  The colors are stunning too.  I purchased all of them for the shop based on the fact that I wanted to make this blanket.  So happy I did.  It is dreamy.



I used a quarter of a yard of each color so that’s 2 yards total.  I evened them up and made this pretty pile of scraps.


Then I saddled up my walking foot, screwed up my courage and started seaming.


See how brave I look?


Ah! Last row.  Now we’re having fun.


Originally I though I might use my serger for this project but then I thought the seams would be too bulky and I wanted to press them open and flat.  So guess what happened?  I didn’t even have to press them!
They just curled right open like a gift from the sewing gods.  Amazeballs.


To finish I used 2 yards of the Sun color,  sewed right sides together, turned it right side out and handstitched the opening shut.
I may still do some hand tying to keep it from slipping around, but maybe not. It’s pretty awesome as is.

Here it is enjoying an ocean view room at Laguna Beach.


Here it is keeping me warm by the pool in chilly Laguna Beach.
See how happy everyone is just to be together, even it is cold?


I highly recommend you make one, stat!
That way even if your teenagers are sulky, you will still have your blankie to keep you warm.





  1. Lisa Yacoubian says:

    Looks so comfy! Thanks for the inspiration! And it’s funny because I got a sewing foot for Xmas!!


  2. their mom in her beautiful blankie will imprint itself on them – maybe not this year, but trust me, by next new year’s, they will be wondering what this itch is to sew themselves something so pretty and comfy. nice work, lauren! and happiest of new years!

  3. I’m inspired! Yet more fabric I need to buy. That makes me so happy.
    Have a great 2015, Lauren. xo pk

  4. I love this post. The photos are beautiful and the quilt is inviting.

  5. Love the colors

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