Gifts We Love, Part 2

Still searching for that perfect gift to give this year? Here we are with round two of our SEW fabulous gift post.

We love collecting and displaying sewing books; they’re such a wealth of knowledge and reference points, and much of the time they’re exquisitely photographed too. Our latest book crush is School of Sewing by Shea Henderson. The whole concept of the book is skill building and learning to sew with friends.


Each project builds on the project before it to teach a comprehensive sewing skill set.  Experienced sewists love the book too! Each project has variations for second-time completion and for more advanced students. Plus, these gorgeous projects are great ways to reinforce and remind us of essential skills. “Learn it. Teach it. Sew together.” Amen, sister.

Our next favorite gift idea is a heavy hitter. Its useful, its compact, and its totes adorbs. The Sublime Stitching Travel Tool Cases are just one of many crave-able gifts from this company. It comes in a variety of sizes and both with and without the tools inside.


If you choose the one with tools, you’ll find that it comes with cute snips, embroidery needles, and a set of appropriately whimsical project labels. These and similar items are also available individually if you’d prefer a more custom kit.

Speaking of which, have you seen the variety of Sublime Stitching project labels? These not only make superb small gifts, but are cute (and often hilarious) additions to anything you might whip up for your hand made holidays.


There is literally a tag for any gift-giving situation:

Classic traditional? Made By Mom

Hipster boyfriend? Made with Irony

Feeling whimsical? Made by Unicorns

For the friend who knows you too well? Made with #%&!?*

Fabric bundles also make amazing gifts. It’s a great way to give a selection of prints all at once, and they come in a range of sizes and colors, all perfectly shaped for wrapping up. What’s more is that once a week we put a bundle on sale for 20% off!


This week it’s Merry Mustaches!  Who wouldn’t want to find that under their tree? Maybe even paired with a cute pair of scissors or a fresh seam ripper? Keep checking back for weekly bundle deals, and snap up perfectly gift-worthy savings.

So start making your lists, and checking them twice, and swing by Sew Modern or for more great gift and holiday sewing ideas.

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