Sewing Tattoo Roundup

Some of us at Sew Modern have sewing related tattoos and we love ’em! Do you have one or have you been thinking about it?
Here are some great ones we found around the internet.

This simple needle and thread is so elegant. It was done by an artist named Dr. Woo who works out of Shamrock Social Club here in L.A.
Check out his instagram feed.


Cross stitch! So Cute!  See more xstitch tattoos here.



This one is amazing.  Found on Pinterest.


If you’re not into the big commitment, how about one of these?
(Found on Tattoos Time.)


And if you really can’t commit, this one is temporary!  Get yours here.


Here’s mine…


And Liz has 2!



If you have one, we want to see it!  Put a link to photos in your comment!



  1. I’m not a tattoo person but a sewing related one might persuade me otherwise! I’m not sure about that one that makes it look like the needle is poking through the skin though, it makes me cringe!! But I really like your cotton one, probably because my name begins with a B 🙂

  2. sewmodernla says:

    Hi Beth! Tattoos definitely aren’t for everyone. Maybe a cute little button somewhere if you’re thinking about it…

  3. Yes! That little pair of scissors inside the finger has me. I’m too scared to commit to something big but that may just be my QuiltCon tat! Will you come with me and hold my (other) hand???

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