Happy National Quilting Day…A Giveaway!

Happy National Quilting Day...A Giveaway!

To win this It’s Easy Being Green Bundle, just tell us in the comments what your favorite part of quilting is. Is it the choosing of fabrics? The design process? The piecing? The quilting? We’ll choose a winner on Monday, March 17th.

PS Happy St. Patty’s Day too!


  1. It’s a toss up between picking the fabric and piecing.

  2. Lisa Redmond says:

    I love every part of it best till pin basting.

  3. Whatever step I’m working on is my favourite part. But if I had to pick a favourite then either cutting or quilting.

  4. all of it, except squaring it up. 🙂

  5. It is definitely designing the quilt top, choosing the fabric and pattern.

  6. It’s so difficult to choose my favorite part of quilting. It all starts with drooling over fabric, purchasing and then listening to it for the design. I can tell you my least favorite part- basting!

  7. I really love picking out different fabrics from different collections! 🙂

  8. Karen Noonan says:

    The picking of the fabrics for sure. I meet my Irish husband 28 years ago on St Patrick’s Day!

  9. janet moilanen says:

    I love all aspects of quilting but the easiest and most exciting part is buying fabric – so many things are possible at that point!

  10. My favorite part is picking out the fabrics, and my second favorite part is when I take it out of the dryer when it’s all done. Everything in between is kind of a blur…

  11. My favorite part of quilting is when I’m in the designing phase, followed by seeing how it all comes together.

  12. Barney Goldberg says:

    I like choosing the fabric.

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  13. My favorite parts are selecting the fabrics, designing the pattern, and seeing the finished quilt.

  14. I’m with Kelly. All but squaring up!! 🙂

  15. Kittywilkin says:

    I love designing and piecing! Picking fabrics is still the most difficult part, so that ends up being frustrating until I start sewing.. then it’s all joy!

  16. Yvonne Miller says:

    It’s a toss up between fabric picking and piecing. But mostly fabric…

  17. It is a toss up between picking fabrics and hand quilting

  18. Anne Griffin says:

    My favorite part is the binding. Not only does it mean you are finally finished, but it usually is a fabric that makes the final touch that pops.

  19. Jessica Lutz says:

    I think it’s the part when you can see how your fabric choices and pattern are actually turning into a beautiful quilt…..when it’s not just what you think it will look like – but what it actually looks like

  20. I love handsewing the binding. I think it’s because it means I’m almost done and, even if I’m giving the quilt away, I get to snuggle under it while doing this part!

  21. Nancy Andrews says:

    My favorite part of quilting is finding a pattern, style or fabric that hits my heart and using inspiration to go from there. That intuitive moment is startling, gratifying and soul enhancing.

  22. I love every part of the quilting process (except for basting) but it is the excitement of choosing the fabrics for a new project that I enjoy the most.

  23. Stephanie Mansdoerfer says:

    Piecing is my favorite part!

  24. Love picking out the fabrics!!

  25. Teresa W says:

    My favorite part of quilting is sewing all of my fabrics together, and seeing what they look like side by side.

  26. My favorite part of quilting is matching fabric to design. Putting it all together is mostly getting it done so I can start the best part all over again. I’m going to try to be more “liberated” in my quilting so the fulfilling part will last throughout the construction phase.

  27. I love everything about quilting! Choosing fabrics is probably the most fun!

  28. Choosing fabrics is definitely my favorite part, followed closely by adding the finishing touches.

  29. Definitely choosing the fabrics, but second to that is probably making the first block. It feels like magic!

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