Mistyfuse is the bomb.com

A few months ago we started carrying Mistyfuse in the shop. Word on the street was that it’s awesome, and I am totally confirming that!

If you haven’t heard of Mistyfuse, it’s a fusible web that works great for appliqué. It’s so lightweight and thin, it won’t add any bulk into your project, but will hold strong with almost any weight of fabric you’re working with. And bonus; doesn’t gum up your needles!

I made a little banner for the shop using Mistyfuse. This project really highlights my favorite things about working with Mistyfuse.


So let’s say you wanna make your own little banner (or a cool SEW pillow like Elizabeth Hartman).

First start by printing out your text. Then trace your letters onto a piece of parchment paper (no need to reverse them!!!!) with a regular ol’ pencil (colored pencils work great too, especially on a dark fabric).



Then iron a piece of Mistyfuse to the backside of your fabric. Remember, the Mistyfuse is double sided, so you will want to use a teflon pressing sheet (or another piece of parchment paper) to protect your iron.


(check out how thin that web is!)

Once your fabric and web become one… it’s time to transfer your text.

Place your teflon sheet on your ironing board, followed by your text parchment paper (with the pencil marked side face up), then your fusey fabric (fuse side down)


Run a hot iron with no steam over the fabric


And here’s where the magic happens….


Your markings are transferred to your fabric! No need to spend time tracing a reverse image or even pinning the letters down individually.

Next; cut out your text, arrange on your background fabric, and iron to keep it all in place.


Finish by stitching around each letter with a zig zag stitch, blanket stitch, or satin stitch. You’re text will stay perfectly in place!

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