I’ve recently acquired a Blythe doll.  Crazy you say?  Fun, I say.
Silly you say? Yes! I say. Creepy you say?  Cute, I say!
You can change their eye color and direction by pulling a string!

 I’m not alone.
Blythe dolls are a whole world I’m still still learning about.
There are vintage, custom, new and “nude from the factory dolls” to be had.
There are tons of collectors out there.
There’s even a Blythecon!  I’m so not kidding.

Here is the Blythe doll I got.  Her name is Monique Magnifique and she’s french, of course.
You can get one here if you like!


One of the things I love about the Blythe dolls is the clothing.
Obviously, you can sew for her.  My friend Jamie has a beautiful custom doll named Pippa.
Here she is with Monique on their first get together:

IMG_2834Don’t you love her little smattering of freckles?  Jamie made her dress and sweater!  The dress Monique has on I bought here.  I am so impressed with how well-made the things I’ve purchased for her are.  I mean, look at the details on this coat I bought from Frankie Home:


and the embroidery on this cute dress from Bubufashion:


Jamie made these dresses for our dolls too…out of Liberty Tana Lawn! Ooh la la!
(the styling for this photo was done by Lady Harvatine, who is soon to have her own doll!)


Uh oh, looks like these ladies are pooped out from their playdate.
But now you can see the eyeshadow on Pippa!


Wanna join us?  C’mon, drink the Kool-Aid, it’s delicious!

Here are more sources of Blythe fun:

Blythe Doll
Blythe LifePuchi Collective
Junie Moon
This Is Blythe



  1. We bought one the day after we saw yours and Jamie’s dolls.

  2. adminmadtesla says:

    We bought one the day after we saw yours and Jamie’s dolls.

  3. and now I am looking at them on line……but this will cut into my fabric budget!

    • sewmodernla says:

      Dana just do it! Think of all the cute outfits you can make with your fabric scraps? How economical is that?!

  4. Jamie & Pippa says:

    Love it!

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