A Quickie/Quirky Overview of Longarm Quilting!

Hi everyone!  Many of you know about the awe-to-the-some Glam Clam Quilt pattern by Latifah Saafir.  I am lucky enough to be able to call her my friend and when she taught the class in my shop, I took it.  After much time and adjusting ( I just kept going and made it 10ft long so had to remove 2 rows!) I am ready to quilt this baby.

When prepping for a day of long arming, I take comfort into consideration.
I don’t want my hair hanging in my face so an updo is in order. DSC_5071

Comfortable shoes are a necessity (and it doesn’t hurt my mood at all if they’re cute too!):


I need a good, solid breakfast (notice I said GOOD, not necessarily healthy):


Now it’s time to fold into fourths and square up the quilt back.  This is especially important because if your back isn’t square, it wont roll onto the quilt rack evenly.  It also needs to be at least 4 inches bigger that your quilt top, all around.


Now pin baste your zippers onto the top and bottom of your quilt back.  It helps to have minions who will help you!
Thanks, minion Lisa



Now zip that back onto the rack and roll it on!


Lay out your batting on top of your back…


…and baste a row of stitched across the top of it with the horizontal lock on.


Line up your quilt top with that basting line and baste the top on.


Choose a thread color!  I chose the super neutral one on the left, Isacord in Straw.


Wind a bunch o bobbins and thread up!


We like to use gauges to check tension before we start.


Do a little practice doodling and decide on your quilting design.  I’m a terrible doodler so don’t judge me!


I decided to go with organic smaller scallops.


Get a minion to bring you coffee! Thanks, minion Julia!


Get your booty stitchin’!


About midway through, get more of this:


Stitch a lot more…


…and few hours later, you’re done!  Unzip your quilt, trim it, take pics,



And do a happy dance!


Happy quilting!




  1. Alison Schmidt says:

    Awwwww, this post is awesome. Wish I were there with you and the minions!

  2. this looks like a pretty glamorous was to longarm (I need those shoes)!!
    I love that quilt you made!

  3. I M TRYNG to learn to quilt and find long arm a better choice.

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