That’s What She Sewed…

We’re really excited to post the first of our video tutorial series; That’s What She Sewed!


First up, Napkins!!! We’ve got a super simple technique that gives you perfect mitered corners! And the best part? It’s quick and easy!





 Check it out and let us know what you think!



Psst.. We used some Flea Market Fancy for our napkins, don’t miss out on these awesome reprints. Get em here!


  1. Patrizia says:

    Finally! Thank you very much…

  2. Very nice tutorial! Thank you. You guys are great! I would like to link to it on my blog. Would that be okay with you?

  3. Yeah! This is fantastic. Next time I’m in the shop I want Liz’s autograph.

  4. Great technique and video!! Thank you!

  5. Mary Ann says:

    Nice technique! I’ve done it ironing in the miters and its a pain, next time I’ll try this, thanks!

  6. Nicola Dodd says:

    So clever: thankyou for sharing!

  7. Susan McFarland says:

    Wow!!! This will make wonderful gifts!!!

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