Spotlight on: Ramona Burke

Hi everyone.  Please allow me to introduce you to Ramona. 


Ramona is an amazing quilter, seamstress, and all-around "stitchy" talent.  At this year's fall quilt market, Ramona's work could be seen all over the Robert Kaufman booth.





Ramona is not only precise, she is incredibly prolific and fast!  She dropped off this new dress on my doorstep at 4 am after I mentioned wanting one the day before! Yup, I kinda want to marry her.
Photo 2

She is also incredibly kind and the mother of two gorgeous kiddos. 


See the quilt her son is hanging out on?  It won the Modern Quilt Guild Challenge judged by none other than Denyse Schmidt.  It's an amazing piece of work.  Read more about it here.

Ramona also makes her own patterns.  See the backpack I made from one of them?


Ramona is going to be teaching us how to make a Swoon quilt block at Sew Modern.

Isn't it pretty done up in holiday fabric?

Sign up HERE if you want to make one with us!

And see more of Ramona at her website, Ramona Rose.

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