Our New Love…the Long Arm!

The Gammil Vision 18-8 has landed. Here is my friend Leslie practicing on a pantogram.  We will have classes set up soon so all you quilters can get on it!  I promise to create a Long Arm Page here this week with all the info you will need about spending time with her (oh yes, she is female).  What should we name her? 




  1. Gargantua and Binti Jua are two famous gorillas and they have long arms

  2. Some men dream of motorcycles, MODERN chicks dream of longarm machines– therefore her name should be Harley!!

  3. what about Sonya (like sewn-ya)?

  4. Jeannine, those are interesting ideas and Kelli yours is cute, but as I’m on a campaign for a Vespa with my hubby, I am LOVING Harley! Thanks, Emily! Anyone else wanna chime in before I christen her?

  5. What a beauty. I agree with Emily… Harley is perfect cause she’s all tricked out.

  6. Sensei (as in the master)

  7. Your shop and long arm look amazing and beautiful. Good luck with all!
    Gina Halladay!

  8. HA! Nicole told me that you officially named her Harley via her flickr comment to me this morning! I’m honored! 😉 And I am 100% in agreement and will pledge my support for your Vespa campaign… an orange one would look so dang cute sitting in the the Sew Modern window!

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