Sew Yummy Winner!


The winner of the Sew Yummy giveaway is…

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Robert Mora who said:

“I like the fabric with the zippers. I hope I win.”

Well, Robert, you DID win!  Congratulations! We’ll send that yard of Zippy right off to ya!

Don’t be sad if you didn’t win…make yourself happy and grab some Sew Yummy here!

Halloween (or anytime) Bucket Tutorial!




3/4 yd of outside fabric
3/4 yd of lining fabric
1/4 yd of handle fabric
3/4 yd fusible fleece

Sublime Stitching Glow in the Dark Embroidery Thread
Embroidery needle
coordinating thread
a rotary Cutter or fabric shears
an acrylic ruler
a marking tool
glass head pins
dinner plate




Trace your around your dinner plate on the outside fabric, lining and fusible fleece,  and cut out all three circles.


Find the diameter of your circle by folding one of the fabric circles in half and measuring.  Mine is 10.5 inches.



Multiply that number by Pi (3.14).  My result is 32.97.  That is your circumference. Round it up to the nearest increment, for me that is 33 inches.
From your outside fabric, lining fabric and fusible fleece cut one piece the length of your circumference by  8″ wide.  So, mine are 33″ x 8″.

Cut your handle fabric 21″ long x 9″ wide and a piece of fusible fleece 21″ long  x 2 1/4″ wide.  Iron the fabric piece in 1/2 lengthwise.  Open it up again and press both long ends into the middle to meet your first pressing crease.





Fold in half again and press.





Open it up again and on the third space from the top, write the name of your trick or treater or something Halloween-y like “Lay off my candy!”  You can use tailor’s chalk or whatever you like to write it and don’t worry if it’s messy…it’s spookier that way!



Use your Glow in the Dark thread to embroider over the letters.



Fuse the fleece strip to the back side of your embroidery section.



Fold the handle back up and sew down both sides using the edge of your foot as your guide, or a 3/8″ seam allowance.



Put your handle aside for now.
Grab your lining fabric rectangle and the fleece and fuse that on.  With right sides together sew the short ends together with a 1/2 inch seam allowance.  Press your seam open.  You now have the inside tube of your bucket.  Do the same with your outside fabric, without the fleece, of course.


Fuse the lining circle and the circle of fleece.  Now fold your circle into fourths and press.  Mark the creases with a pin.  


Fold your tube in fourths and press.  Use the seam as one of the fourths and mark with pins.



Now pin your lining circle to your lining tube starting at the 4 points created by the creases and pins. DSC_8117Sometimes this is a bit fiddly, because you are pinning something cut on the bias (the circle) to a straight edge (the tube).  If it seems like it’s not matching up just keep re-pinning and adjusting until it works.

Now sew around that circle with a 1/2 inch seam allowance!


Repeat this process for the outside  fabric tube and circle (bottom).
Press the top edges of both tubes to the wrong side 1/2 inch.



Turn the outside right side out and insert the lining into it.

Get your handle and mark a line 2 inches in from each short end.



Insert the handles into the sides of your bucket between the lining and the outside fabric up to the line and pin.


Then pin all the way around the bucket top.


Using the edge of your foot at your guide, topstitch all the way around the bucket, making sure to keep your handles out of the way.


And voila!  You’re bucket is done!



These really do have so many uses.  I made this one without a handle.  Cute, right?



Elementary Charm Pack Winner


Today we’re choosing the winner for the Elementary charm pack from Sweetwater. And the winner is Alice Bengal Congratulations!!

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Field Day Winner

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 7.13.12 AM

Congratulations to Wendy Keeping!  You are the winner of the Alison Glass Field Day Bundle!  You will receive and email shortly! Thanks to all who entered.  You can ALL get your Field Day on HERE.

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LA Quilt Show this weekend!


This weekend is the first ever Los Angeles Quilt Show and Fiber Arts Fest! We are so excited to be involved.  We are bringing our vintage camper down packed with awesome fabrics and goodies to sell.  Lisa will will also demo some free motion quilting techniques on Saturday afternoon!  C’mon down! Crafted at the Port […]

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Raven FQ Giveaway


    Lets pick the winner of this fun Halloween bundle of Raven fabrics from Windham Fabrics! And the winner is….. Helen Overmoyer Congratulations!! We can’t wait to see what spooky things you make with these fabrics.

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1canoe2 Giveaway


This weeks giveaway is the perfect summer bundle. It makes us want to ride our bikes to the farmers market! 1canoe2’s new line from Andover Fabrics and the winner is…. Nancy Mangel Congratulations!!!! Thanks to everyone who entered via our email newsletter. Don’t be bummed if you didn’t win, this adorable bundle is the Bundle […]

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Up Parasol Giveaway


Announcing the winner of the super pretty Up Parasol fat quarter bundle by Heather Bailey…. ……drumroll please…… Congratulations Cristina Rosales! Thanks everyone for entering!!! It just so happens that this bundle is also our BUNDLE OF THE WEEK! So you can snag yourself one for 20% off! But get it quick, they’ll be back to […]

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Bundle of the Week – Hello Petal


Our new Bundle of the Week is a Layer Cake of the adorable line from Aneela Hoey called Hello Petal    This bundle is totally the cats meow… snag it for 20% off. But hurry, it’ll be back to regular price on June 10th

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Bundle of the Week


We started a fun new promotion at the shop a few weeks ago. Every week we will hand select a bundle of fat quarters that will be on a special sale for that one week only. Lets check out this weeks bundle: Zen Chic – Sphere – 6 fat quarters  This pretty pile is usually […]

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